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I read an article today that explained why Doritos are so addictive. It’s because they have powerful flavors without one flavor dominating the others. They have 2 acids that get your saliva flowing, triggering the desire to eat them. Half of the calories from Doritos come from fat which makes you feel like the chip melts on your tongue, and as a result, your brain is tricked into thinking you haven’t eaten as many as you have. Plus we love the color of Doritos.

This is all bad news for anyone who thinks they can control how many Doritos they eat. It’s probably best to stay away from them altogether, because they really are smarter than we are.

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  1. chefman316 says:

    I just have to say that every product and every service in every industry tries to make products that consumers want, and crave. I would not fault Doritos for making a product consumers want, I would fault the consumer for not being able to control their intake. There are also many healthy people who might eat Doritos as a reward snack for hard work.

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